I Am Sorry For The Wasted Nights

For my Mom:

I am sorry for the wasted nights
For the endless fights
That I had hopelessly brought up, just because.
I am sorry for the times I broke the laws
Because I felt like I could
And even when you'd
Ask me why I was doing it
I wouldn't admit
I would hide it all
I would take the risk of the tremendous fall
But, no, I Would never dare to say the truth.

I am sorry for the wasted nights
I am sorry for going up to heights
And when I came crashing down, 
Again, I would go and drown
Because I didn't care
I was already in despair
I didn't care what you would think
I would still go and sink
My nights were full of waste
 But I loved the taste
And even though I promised that I would never do it again
I threw my words down the drain 
And would repeat the night before.

I am sorry for the wasted nights
And even when you showed me the lights
I turned them all off, and went my way
I ran away, because I couldn't stay
I was a disgrace, because all these times
All that I have been doing was making crimes,
I did it, and I still do
And maybe I'll regret how I treated you
But I want you to know
That I'll still go
And I'll get wasted every night. 
As I write, I may be already gone
So I am wondering
Am I really sorry?


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