I'm Tired


"I pledge allegiance to the magazines of the United States of America,

 and to the "Skinniness" for which it stands, one model, under Media, dependant, with biasness and

happiness for some."

I'm tired of the bullshit I see in magazines

I'm tired of watching shows where little 9 year old girls are crying because they don't have a 20" waist

I'm tired of the new motto basically being "Show A lot of skin, but waittt Not Tooo Much Skin"

I'm tired of seeing stores where the sizes don’t go higher than 14

I'm tired of not being able to gain weight!

I'm tired of society being hypocritical.

If I'm skinny, I'm Starving If I'm not I'm Greedy

I'm tired of "Get the London Look"

What if I Don’t like the London Look?

I'm tired of teenagers wanting to be another person

I'm tired of the media trying to tell me that I'm covering too much

I'm tired of the Media being top boss with their advertisements and getting my generation to be

ignorant of another's feelings

I'm tired of everything but Most of all,

I'm tired of not being just right

I'm tired. Of not.  Being. Just. Right

The society,

No, the world I live in has become full of people trying to be perfect

Yet they can't agree on what perfect is besides Skinny, tall, and showing skin

I'm tired of just sitting here and to ease myself I say

"My body is a representation of me. I will not sit here and let some people behind computers and cameras tell me I can make myself better than it already is with a new shirt or some mascara. Please, my body carries my stories and my beliefs. If I change one thing I'll lose a part of me. I'll lose what makes me Fatima. But you, You can do whatever you want. I won't judge I promise J"

I'm tired of not seeing others say that

I'm tired of thinking about it at all.


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