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I do not eat my friends You eat my friends I can see their ends Sometimes... people stab my friends they feed my friends to their friends I can see their ends
The poor pigeons coo
My heart is a birdcage Hanging from a tree branch and Moving with the wind. You can look inside-but don't touch!It might fall and break.   Sometimes my heart is the bird inside
I can smile and look at everythingTwisting a strand of hair with my finger,A childish expression i wear to pass the time. Until then I am wasting my time skipping and stepping on broken leaves,My toes growing numb from the water soaking into my sh
Facing Life's problems through my paper and pen. Overcoming the obstacles that I produce from within. Once being a lonely soul, making friends with my words. Life's a journey; I'm on a quest to find my pot of gold.
Inside my soul it cries and wails, I keep it trapped, for the key is mine. Until the cage, from my own hands, at long last falls and fails. Nobody can comprehend that museful flower,
(poems go here) My pen sculpts a future Potential to work and to enjoy with one job My pen sculpts a dream Hope of proving my father wrong that writing is dead
Chains Chains Chains Chains Call for a need of change Born free Every child learns how to wear the manacles How to chain their minds to someone else's paradigm How to live with bent backs
why do I write? well its not for the money me with out writings like a bee without honey I write for my heart I write to stay sane I write to show my feelings and capture my pain.
Who am I? Because I'm struggling in a way that I don't understand, And I'm living in a world that relationships So easily become a misconception of a wholesome bond. I have this fleeting heart making me incapable.
A soul crushed beneath the weight of life Wings heavy with burdens Beating frustrations within a cage of flesh With labored breath and nowhere to turn Life a gaping hole, spilling across time The blood seeping
I Belong to the wind I belong to the edges I belong to nobody and still I am trapped in his most deepest thoughts in his most pure sighs, in each of his heartbeats without wanting to get out.
When i speak the words that ignite a fire in my head a tidal wave a tsunami a hurricane a rumbling earth quake of what i feel must be heard just dont come out correctly stuttering and tripping
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