los angeles

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Dream city Cars honking, people screaming Walls of art Filled with graffiti Six Flags and Disney Might spot a celebrity
Adornamos la sala con embras; vino, rojo, negroEs un carnival de color snip,    snip,         snippasa me otra Cuidado!agara la tijera firmejala los hilos sueltosmira, asi
Gutter covered in black dirty water Bottles and needles rattle her feet A forgotten Spanish father Died before she grew up to be an ugly pissed filled catchy treat His slutty angelic daughter
Protection It's what I grew up knowing I had What would happen when all that went bad Took two seconds Was that not enough? Growing up in Southcentral was truly rough  
Stepping out of LAX The breeze pecks your skin  Mismatched pavement prickled by potholes carpet magnificent mini malls Ugly urban sprawl becomes a soft bear hug. Wrapped in tinfoil and paper plates.  
Los Angeles- bright and starstruck, Like the moon in the night sky, So vain and full of haughtiness, Proud of who she is, but why? She sticks her nose up in the air, And boasts her landmarks so well-known,
A toothless angel on a midnight bike ride flew by and said God bless you bro, Sitting in my car waiting for a rider to drive to I yelled God bless you dude, He must have been an angel, this is LA.
Although I've never been a fan of foreign touch, seas of person pull me under with a swaying current. Escape your head,crawl out of your mind,temporal lobe knows what's best right now.  Outside Los Angeles is itching to start her nightly routine o
The city of Los Angeles It draws you in with a hope for glory, A chance to truly improve your story, Yet as you walk the city streets You hear the sound of a thousand feet Telling you, "It's not your day.
Got a second for me Los Angeles
She reeks of perfume- her own special blend of piss and gunshot wounds.
Sirens, sirens, sirens In the city of Angels But where is the light? Gum ridden sidewalks Palm Trees And cracks in the pavement filled with hopeless citizens It's hard. It's hard.
People day by day tell me how blessed I am and how I don't see it
Of all the places throughout the land, we decided to build a city on top of sand. Dragging water down from the highest mountain top, or across the land from rivers to every township.  
Ya see black brothas always tryin to be trap brothas/or rap brothas Why don’t you wrap brotha Bussin out babies like morning sickness This continuous cycle is more than a sickness
Los Angeles, California. What is it like? Sunny weather, super stars, flashing lights. That’s what people think L.A. is like. But they don’t know about South Central and all of its fights.
Born in the City of Angels To the King of demons. Devils arise from thirteen hells, And kill for all reasons. Members are marked by blood and ink, powder plasters their lungs;
I took the metro yesterday. The underground one, not the noisy bus with the yellow wire that says “stop requested” when you tug on it hoping to get off. There wasn’t even a hold door button.
needle's talking ninety, meter shaking from the volume, windows pulse and this beat-- strands whip over my eyes, windows low and this breeze.
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