Kid Klosure


Ya see black brothas

always tryin to be trap brothas/or rap brothas

Why don’t you wrap brotha

Bussin out babies like morning sickness

This continuous cycle is more than a sickness

It’s transformed’ into this virus

You complainin’ about ya missin’ daddy

And you became that missin’ daddy

Rather be 25 livin’ in ya mom’s apartment wit ya baby moms

Than to keep ya head in the books and support ya moms

60 % of minority men brag about getting it in

And when they gettin’ it in they fall short to that faulty sin of Aids

They too proud to take that test

They rather spread it around and say they've been blessed

It amazes me how we can live these lives faithfully

Chasin’ the cheese in this maze is somethin’ they made  for you and me

What do we do next? Claim sets, Soo wooop killas and dope dealas

Dice shakin, shroom blazin,Sneaka chasin’

Bordered in the frames of the blocks

Cus ova there my name aint good

Cus we ain’t from the same hood

Runnin game with the goods

Cus that's the only way ima survive these blocks

Every other day somebody I know gets shot

These streets are glamorized and I fantasize about those heavenly skies

Because that's all I can do

And now I finally realize I’m looking into the eyes of myself

Frozen in time they killed me and I didn’t even put a mark in there minds

I’m just a reminder of who not to be

The news will not display the death of me

My face is something my child will not be blessed to see

As for the rest of me I’m six feet undu

No ones going to be missing me like rain and thunda.



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