The Princess of War


United States
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Born in the City of Angels
To the King of demons.
Devils arise from thirteen hells,
And kill for all reasons.
Members are marked by blood and ink,
powder plasters their lungs;
Once you enter, you can’t rethink
The oath of thirteen tongues.

This is the home of
La Princesa de la Guerra

The innocent Queen is murdered
In front of the pure Prince.
His fragile innocence slaughtered
By blood he cannot rinse
From his veins and the memory
That follows him everywhere.
His hot fury grows by degree
And fashions his nightmare.

This is the twin of
La Princesa de la Guerra.

The King is hungry for the blood
Of his vile enemies.
His crusade crumbles to the mud –
Arise, his agonies.
The King, ashamed and cowardly,
Flees to a kingdom where
He rules a reign most dastardly,
Making the Prince his heir.

This is the kin of
La Princesa de la Guerra.

Surrounded by the shouts of men
And pain of her brother,
She cries and wishes now and then
To trade with another.
This bird trapped in a prison
Scratches and claws away
At the walls of the garrison
Led by the Prince in disarray.

This is the life of
La Princesa de la Guerra.

Amidst the turmoil of the war,
Here arrives the brave knight.
His everlasting love he swore
To the princess of light.
Although drenched in blood and powder,
He longs to see heaven.
For her he’ll cry ever louder
And leave his brethren.

This is the love of
La Princesa de la Guerra.

Before the princess says amen,
Disaster comes to call.
The soldier walks with three and ten
Of his brothers to brawl.
Terrified of losing her love,
She runs into the fray.
Her eyes stray to the sky above,
Her skin turns ashy gray.

This is the death of
La Princesa de la Guerra.

Tightly holding her tranquil corpse,
Her lover weeps in woe.
Violence and hate never works,
This he has come to know.
Trapped in a world of enormity,
A girl knew how to love,
Even though demons wondered free
In her dismal kingdom.

This is the tale of
La Princesa de la Guerra.



I have grown up in a secure and loving environment; however, many others are not given this luxury. The senseless violence in many major cities inspired me to tell this tragic tale of a girl who was trapped in the unfair world she was born into.

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