Slutty Angel

Gutter covered in black dirty water
Bottles and needles rattle her feet
A forgotten Spanish father
Died before she grew up to be an ugly pissed filled catchy treat
His slutty angelic daughter

Where hopes and dreams are forgotten
Abandoned men plead for her mercy
Outside she seems unique
A scent of rot coming from inside caress the streets
She knows how to trick and trap her victims
A blood stained, attention seeking, drug addicted cutie

Craved by the rich
Held up by the poor
Oh, the way she seduces me even though she is known to be a whore
Expensive taste, with a smile so bright she dims the stars
She holds me in her stogie stained arms
As she drains me of my last pennies
She makes me feel at home
She has a hold of me and I cannot let go

You’re flawed but I love you
As I draw my last breath in your arms

Los Angeles

You will always own my heart


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