From the Rib of Los Angeles

Got a second for me Los Angeles
I am the product of your wish less stars,
shot out street lamps and pot holed streets.
Your trigger happy 
cops who stalk your darkened streets like
the true predators they are.

Spare some time for me Los Angeles
I've drank hard and laughed along your
beaches,lived on your toxic air,turned
into a ghost and chased the high all through
your city streets.I watched the beautiful
people stay beautiful beneath endless California
summers.I fought the good fight against your 
tan shirts within the coldness of your jail.

Stay with me for a moment Los Angeles
The dead are still celebrated throughout your 
Palm lined streets.Your city lights still bring colors
to my dreams.

A little longer Los Angeles
I still can't bear the thought of ever leaving you
even when all the signs around me say I should.

I don't expect any return from you Los Angeles 
San Julian showed me the real you.These scars 
on the crook of my arm proved the real you.

Trust in me Los Angeles
I'm with you until we fall into the sea.

Believe in me Los Angeles
I'm not an actor on TV.
My name is not on a star to
be spat and stepped upon.
Nor am I a heretic  
living behind a veil within
the comfort of your hills.

Don't forget me Los Angeles
I am the son of your southern most tip.
The son of the town named after the 
Saint Pedro.
Whose roots are that of a 
Lost Angel.
Lost within the deep darkness
of you.

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