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     When you leave me, I feel my throat close my air leaves my lungs and they colaps I feel suffocation creeping in it hurts, it hurts how could you make me feel this way?      When I lose, I can't breathe
The darkness stroking its way back in 
By Debi Lyn ~ completed 10/23/21 @ 10:30 pm   How is it people seem to take everything in stride when everything for ME is a commotion inside?
Everything's so loud How do I drown it all out?  Drown out all the emotions  All the pilling school work Drown out the yelling parents Everything Drown out everything
Here you are again, wandering around the block, with that smile you use to pretend not being caught up in your thoughts. Here you are again, but now, you're being brave. Notions pervade your brain,
Darkness overwhelms as night falls Daylight seems so far away The tunnel stretches, night continues Daylight seems so far away Dreams of light and feeling warm Daylight seems so far away
TRIGGER WARNING :: mentions of suicide ::   I think to myself  ‘This feels like drowning,’ As my tears fill my bathtub. This feels like dying, as my tears tie themselves around my neck.
If only life was as easy to handle as a pile of laundry. It builds up and up, but a quick load or two will shrink it back down. And then all that is left is the warm smell of lavender soap and an empty basket.   
  Exhaustion takes hold as a suffocating headache. My eyes burn from staring at screens. The laundry is piling up and I stand at the edge of its oblivion. There is so much I still need to complete.  
To whom it may concern,   When you’re tired and feeling low Most of your days are full of sorrow, Take a step back It’s okay to get side-tracked   Don’t lose your soul
Leaves crumple under my feet as my eyes are fogged by my layered tears. I’m walking under the brightest street lights, but still feeling completely in the
It's all  so much So  much to do so many  expectations so many priorities So many people  demanding demanding  demanding
Fearing that I won't articulate my thoughts correctly and worrying that what I want to say isn't worth the read. Ripping a page out because I already    fucked something up only   the first line in.
Like a parasite, it claws at my flesh. It’s in my head, gnawing at that part of the brain which no one knows the name of:
Isn’t it Ironic?   It’s sometimes overwhelming having so much to say, Thoughts filling your head all moments of the day,
Being overwhelmed is not a rainbow of fun, It is not a peaceful morning at yoga, Or a peaceful lake in front of you. It's not as calming as a fish. Being overwhelmed is a blank canvas,
Spoken Intro: “All of a sudden, it’s like you’ve become aware of your own existence, how unwhole you are. And you’re constantly being reborn... Again... And again... And again... And again.
Take it easy Your mind is thin paper held up to the sun Through it shines colors the eye can’t even see, But you’re quick to burn too fast... Be mindful & burn slow...
Information; information!My mind inflates from theConstant inhalationOf words   Black on white  
Everyone says I need to get over you But I can't seem to convince myself were throughWe're doneWe're overJust wish I wasn't sober Wish I could delete the thoughts From my headBut somehow
Pull the rope from either end Watch it fray and snap and destroy from within.   Then squeeze the ball at its very core Till it’s a flat disk, with a pop, then a ball no more.  
My thoughts are poisonously hot They rise to my mind Building pressure Leaving my chest tight and empty No air Others will try To breathe back life into my veins But it all rises back
I can't tell if the war between acceptance and fear is raging around me or inside of me. Cries for peace surpass my lips, but my voice isn't loud enough. With so much to say, 
Warm feelings Memories of smiles And outrageous laughter With silly wiles And for some A happily ever after Drowning in ecstasy Waves of joy  Washing over me Crushing me in bliss
so many emotions my body can't contain  continuously being suffocated like an un-oxygenated flame if someone would put me out how grateful i would be for my emotions--never ending--are shifting like the trees
In my head, it made sense Why I stayed up with my pen If today could last me longer, Then tomorrow won't begin . Sunday night's just the beginning of the end.
From class to class From book to book This is all a mess Just take a look   Homework piled up No end in sight Every time I wake up Don’t turn on the light  
even the stongest people can break with all the things on their plate what doesnt kill you makes you stronger  so they say, leaving scars that linger  life gives us things that we can handle 
It's the same old thing again. A teenage girl with "nothing to complain about", Complaining about the things no one sees.   They see a roof on my head, shoes on my feet, Food on my table, clothes on my back,
Flawless; no. Passionate; yes.
I have been passed up,
Hello. How are you? That's nice. Me? How am I? Oh. Oh no. You don't want that answer. Why? You sure you wanna know? Remember, you did this to yourself.
There is a river inside of me, It always flows, impossibly deep As it holds all I can be My dreams, my passions, memories The water is cold; It chills my bones No one knows where it flows, 
In the greatest strings of logic, and the most concise and thought out stretches of time, where do I stand? Continuity, Four, five, six, three, When I die, are bones all that are left of me? Immortal,
the indestructable girl
I have memories of past lives sewn inside my brain They come rushing at me in the night like an oncoming train. In between sleep and awake is where I most feel at home I drown in my thoughts--
Water rushing through the mountain valleys dragging every stone not firmly rooted,  drowning just to resurface in an unknown region. And before long, the current sweeps the few, back under its brute force again.
Usually (8) hours of sleep should be enough-
I miss him 
She sits on a train, trapped, without power, Reaching speeds of one hundred miles an hour. Her future a dream, destination untold, All she knows is she’s stuck, there, on that road.  
night is when all of my monsters emerge.
Your mind is roaming, so full of thoughts. You cannot stop thinking, your mind is so wrought. Constantly doing something for others, expecting nothing in return. Silently seeking happiness and someone elses concern.
How much easier it would be if I were not lonesome,so rooted in my happy lonesome,cornered with no feelings that someone's happiness might be dependenton me.Alone in my encounters.
  I can’t sleep. During the day I’m tired. At night I’m awake,  I’m not hungry, I just want to drink. I don’t have money. I want to be alone.
He lets me know that I'll be alright, he sees my tears and holds me tight. eyes wide open yet im sleep, left alone to solemnly weep. scared of love because he'll probably leave and though its cold I'll plant my seed.
My mother lived at the bottom of a vodka bottle. Her lungs crystallized from years of breathing tobacco instead of air. She wasn't always sad, I'm sure. But I never saw her smile
These things you tell yourself at midnight When you're alone and those thoughts in your head just won't shut up. And all you want is some Goddamn silence
Crying in my room, overwhelmed by circumstances I can’t control Confessing my fears as my tears silently roll Standing before you with nothing to offer, Only broken pieces to lie at Your altar,
I sit I cry There's so much going on The yelling The fighting It never stops The littlest thing Sets me off School Homework Homelife How do I balance it
Depending on a soul with never vanish a burden. Heavier and heavier, brick on brick; stress calls the name. Whisper in response and face the pain. Doors closed, surrounded by fear, no way to escape...
I do not speak for a number of reasons In a number of places that all sound the same I wrap up my ears no matter the season And hope that the noises die as quickly as they came
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