The Indestructible Girl

Tue, 07/01/2014 - 13:54 -- O.A
the indestructable girl
who is the indestructable girl
who was the indestructable girl
no feelings
no emotions
the girl who blocked out the world
all her problems
all she knew was herself
she was her confident
the one she could trust
because she felt no one could relate
but eventually she couldnt hold it in
there came a time where it all burst out
and it just hit her
all her problems
what she had kept to herself
secrets that'd been building up
the indestructable girl
was now destructable
the tears rushing down her face
as her head was pounding
as her heart was breaking
as she was shaking
it had all gotten to her
from indestructable
to destructable
overwhelming emotions
taking over
and what was she to do
~ O.A


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