Information Age

Information; information!
My mind inflates from the
Constant inhalation
Of words


Black on white


They blur together like zebra stripes;
I am trampled by a stampede of frightened phrases
Ecstatic for the open spaces
In my mind
Like the African plains,
But these excited neurons
Are causing me


My eyes strain
At the pages
Like gorillas against their cages
Barred back by
Cold, hard information


But there's no reason for self-infliction


Maybe it's time I squeezed out this soaking
Kitchen sponge
Before it takes another
Before it festers with
The neglected words of breakfast
And dinner
And give its pores
Some time to sweat


Even just a poem.


Every mind needs some time to
Relax with some rhymes;
Write down some lines,
Lest we forget in all our
That an oversaturated mind leaves
Searing stains of regret.

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Our world
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Wow awesome muse here. Impressive similes created here, ESP like how u put in zebra stripes and rhymed in gorilla cages. Yeah there's lots of contradictory info in the various media. Great rhyme scheme here. Kudos.

Im a new poet here but have been writing elsewhere for ages so I invite u to review my latest poem too. Readers elsewhere tell me they enjoy my poems  lots so hoping u will too.


Hey! Thank you for your response. I would love to read some of your poetry; however, I'm having trouble finding where your poems are located. Perhaps it's the setup of the webpage? If you could leave a URL to your poem(s) in a reply, that would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!


Hi. U just click on my pink peacock pic and u wil see my poems. Cheers.

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