By Debi Lyn ~ completed 10/23/21 @ 10:30 pm


How is it people seem to take everything in stride

when everything for ME is a commotion inside?

Even when I thought I’d had it all together, I still cried…

… and cried…… and cried.

What, pray tell am I to do, just let everything slide?


It’s not my style; I just can’t do it.

I’d rather meet it face to face and get right to it.

I’ve started up right, and sometimes gotten through it,

But without encouragement, I always blew it.


When everything comes rushing in, I want to hide.

When others rise above the noise, I often step aside.

Even when I did my best, I came untied…

…and then retied… and again untied.

What, pray tell am I to do, just let everything slide?


I need much patience from myself AND others

Understanding, too, like is often shown by mothers.

But time is money, and money always governs.

That’s when I get nervous and make several blunders…


This hovers, and covers, and ultimately smothers




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