So Done

I have been passed up,

left to fend for myself.

I have tried to take to matters in my own hands,

it always goes wrong...

I beg and plead to have a chance to show them what I can do,

but it never works.

I'm always the one that is wrong in what I do,

I can never get a break.

I cry and cry wanting to be heard,

wanting to be noticed.

I'm sorry,

I can not help it.

This is human nature,

to want to be noticed.

but for some it doesn't work...

We are closed off and chained up to a wall,

invisible to anyone that may cross our path.


thrown into an abyss never to be heard from again.

I refuse to try to gain your attention anymore,

this is a waste of my time.

You don't care about how you make me feel,

but you care deeply for your favorites.

Its going back to the old ways,

I don't like it.

Its not right.

I no longer care,

I'm done defending you.

Your on your own.



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