The River


There is a river inside of me,

It always flows, impossibly deep

As it holds all I can be

My dreams, my passions, memories

The water is cold;

It chills my bones

No one knows where it flows, 

Or where it goes as forever flows

Within the deepest recess of men

The water begins to warm again,

I want to enter it, for within 

I know time is never wasted,

For to suffer many wears years, pains and trouble, facing fears

It shows what I truly can be; one golden day makes it all worthwhile

I must follow the river inside of me;

The river is a symbol of the might of men,

They all have tasted what the river offers

Yet many fear to enter again

They forgot the warmth of true life worth living,

Left with only its first cold touch,

To challenge their limits proves too much

If only they knew what would have been

Pure, warm success; true realization

Had they decided to stay in the river.

Guide that inspired this poem: 



This is for the To Be Heard Slam Scholarship. It speak of how I feel about the abstract concept of "truly being all you can be" and the common desire to fulfill it.

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