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Let me tell you the story Of a pomegranate flower and a honey bee The honey bee was flying by The bloom had flowered recently It could not resist the pretty orange And it the buzzing bee
  The Bee Written by Meg Zell     Once upon a bright summer day, the heated breeze made green trees sway
the cutest thing is when we walk through a garden and the bees harmoniously hover around you miataking you for a flower oh silly bee, oh silly me i too make the same mistake   Kira
Two waves in the sea  Two branches of the tree  Two wings of the bee  These are you and me     In everywhere I go  I keep your love to gr
Queen Daisy of the third district honeycomb sits upon her throne of amber studded sap, twiddling her thumbs and keeping her five beady eyes fixed on the slaves in her factory. Everyone has jobs to do,
Lazily humming, bumbling from flower to flower. A little here, a little there, Helpful little worker bees Collecting nectar for the hive. Tiny fuzzy bodies landing gently on soft petals
It’s raining today. I don’t know if I’m captivated or displeased. I’m feeling dim. It’s not the kind of sadness people feel when they can’t orgasm. Actually I find that quite absurd. I nibbled a muffin this morning.
Where I began at the beginning of a year Was a patch of grass And a heart of fear   A bee I once knew but not all that well.
How peaceful a bee hardly has any worries flys around town up and down it flies so elegantly among the trees See the birds and things fly high in the sky how peaceful they fly
There’s a Lily slowly growing, At first she didn’t know what she was... She thought she was born to be a Rose.   The Lily was wrong, She was always told, that she was a Rose...,
Because I was a bee and not a butterfly, I was born without  colorful wings that they had, I have very dull wings that no one notices Why aren't my wings not as beautiful as their wings?  
Buzz Buzz Bzuz Bzzu Bzzu Bzzu Buzz Bzuz Buzz Bzuz
You ever wonder why something is the way it is?
I am me and you are you. We come from the same flesh and blood but we couldn't  be anymore Different.   You are the bee. Always buzzing here and there, taking your orders and
If I could change one aspect of me, It would certainly be to be free. I sprout some big wings, Get shoes with some springs, And take to the air like a bee.
The busy buzzy bee,
For my loving heart began to open just as the petals Awaiting for a bee to come and find me Alas, the buzzing ceased but a lonely caterpillar came to thee
How come everything seems to be turning around but all I see is your pain in the crowd no peek of sunlight coming down feeling like a bee in the rain could you find my heart
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