How peaceful a bee

hardly has any worries

flys around town

up and down

it flies so elegantly

among the trees

See the birds and things

fly high in the sky

how peaceful they fly

the bee scours

to find a flower

not one that is sour

But one that is sweet

as sweet as can be

for the bee is nice

it doesn't have much spice

but it likes to mingle

but forever single

it goes around

and for every flower that's found

is an old one in a cloud 

of forgotten petals

that eventually settle

on the ground

alone but proud

of what they once were

whether a ma'am or a sir

as the bee goes along

back home along

with the other bees

in the air with the breeze

it heads back home

home to the hive

to tell of its endeavors 

of that very night.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I DON'T LIKE BEES.....(they scare me)

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