The Bee


The Bee

Written by Meg Zell



Once upon a bright summer day, the heated breeze made green trees sway

A yellow hive swings back and forth as striped bees fly to find their way

To the finest flowers and follow the orders of their one and only queen.

The worker bees spread pollen from flower to flower in only a half an hour

And one lonely bee hid near secluded flowers in fear of being seen.


The little worker bee had a secret stored inside her heart and locked up tight,

In fear she flew day and night, searching for a place in that she might--

Hide away her secret, hide away her life, that she may live a few days more

For she is not ready to leave, she is not ready for death to open it’s door,

She flies away before death may open it’s door.


The bee, anxious and afraid, continues its journey, “I must not be delayed.”

She flew on and on, searching--searching for sanctuary in an everglade.

She flies and flies, hoping for safety, scared that today is the end--

Lays her egg in a safe and secluded place, desperately hoping it will survive.

She hides in a hole far away, with hope it will survive.


The bee hears a scratching sound outside of her hiding place, “Oh no!

“They have found me, I must flee!” She flies straight into a gecko--

Falling on the ground, she cries in despair. “Eat me if you must!

For I do not have long until my colony turns me to a pile of dust.

They will find me and turn me to dust.”


An audible buzzing is approaching, and the bee begins to tremble

“It is time, it is time to face my fate.”  The buzz grows to a rumble--

The bees fill the hole, and painful stings are the last feeling of each friend,

The new friends’ lives have ended, but they were together to the end.

But this is not the end…



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