A Bee I Once New

Where I began at the beginning of a year

Was a patch of grass

And a heart of fear


A bee I once knew

but not all that well.

She would whiz by

But I could never tell.


But then one day she came around

Bringing pollen with her into

And she, the queen, was crowned


Flowers bloomed in the meadow of me

Some were vibrant and fleeting

Others dull and empty

More and more to come as I am greeting


Meadows change in a blink of an eye

A year? Far longer than the life of a fly

They buzz and zip each and every way,

But a fly’s life barely lasts a day.


Bees, however, are vital to life

They bring me sweet honey

And listen to my worries and strife

They bring me my flowers

And taught me to grow


This meadow had thrived and fallen short

Of daisies and romance of a sort.

The wind blew and carried new seeds

The rain came to make a river

That brought new breeds


The river flowed with fish that glubbed

down the stream

The meadow grew

Just as it had dreamed


The river brought life

And the seasons changed

But my mind meadow learned

To go with the flow

And with my special bee,

the good flowers always return.

 by Lindsey Shasrp

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