Bumblebee Politics

Lazily humming, bumbling from flower to flower.

A little here, a little there,

Helpful little worker bees

Collecting nectar for the hive.

Tiny fuzzy bodies landing gently on soft petals

Contented in their chores.

Small wings buzz fast,

Flying many miles to achieve their goal.


When danger threatens,

The humble bumblers transform

From peaceful gatherers

To black and yellow soldiers

An angry swarm, a stinging retaliation.

They protect their queen,

Offering their lives in mindless devotion.


Or is it mindless?

Perhaps they have doubts inside their little bee minds.

Internal struggle; my duty or my life?

I guess duty wins out,

they lay down their lives.

Their delicate bodies rest in the foliage,

The thin lacy wings will no more hum quietly in the sun,

They have made their final journey

This poem is about: 
Our world


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