Tea and Attention

It’s raining today. I don’t know if I’m captivated or displeased. I’m feeling dim. It’s not the kind of sadness people feel when they can’t orgasm. Actually I find that quite absurd. I nibbled a muffin this morning. It really wasn’t all that but the girl settled next to me with a rather odd obsession with poppy seed muffins would disagree. It’s raining today. My outfit looks likes a bumble bee but I feel like a wasp. My back is in agonizing pain because I’ve been writing all day and I logged my finger into the goddamn kitchen drawer last night. It’s raining today. My favorite color probably doesn’t exist but it’s my favorite. A light green or maybe a shade of purple or black. I’m mad for greed and tea and attention. Ask me if I want sugar and I’ll claim that this drug is candy-coated and I’m just sticky, so I’ll pass.


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