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"for the young,there will be rest.the struggles in lifealways attacks the best.most of us prevailshowing all of their mightwhile others faileven if they are bright.for the old, they 
my ecstasy, your gentle touch is a consistent one.  fingers running down my back like spiders descending from silk strung webs, you whisper promises in my ear.
i am no stranger to controversy and autumn. i find peace in changing colors and falling into the arms of women still learning to hold newborns correctly.
    Sometimes I wish I still had you You used to make me so happy But then you went crazy And now I find myself sappy
Rock, Twist, Tap, Clap Click your pen. Rub your hair. Spin in a circle. Flap your hands. It’s okay. It’s normal.
Instagram: @CEDBEAST  Lately I've been feeling detached.  But please dnt take it as a form of attack When I dnt reply to your messages your DMs or your snapchats When in fact I'm just on my own dealing with my own shit We grown and it's not everyd
Living south and living northNo one knew the flying feather,Or watched for his ghastly shapeTho’ among he quietly slithered  
The trees illuminate with a brilliant radiance, shadows of bushy branches break the sunlight, and birds sing songs to neighboring beings. The air smells of something sweet like the best parts of nature.
i’m still bitter about it but i think i’ll always be bitter about it but just because i’m bitter doesn’t mean i miss it miss YOU   i suppose i’ll always be upset that YOU moved on so easily
Fear Conquerer of all,   Fear Sweaty palms, Choking on words,   Fear Failure to speak, Failure to reach out,   Fear No one will see, No one listens,
good poems dont come from your head they come from your hands they are words flowing from the blood of our wrists the stains of the past broken memories
I want to do my homework But he prevents me from doing so. I want to practice my violin But he tells me I couldn't do it anyway. I want to have fun with my family and friends But he wants all of us to suffer.
Because I love you Life is worth living. Because I love you I have meaning. I trust what you do, As I know, I do not control you. You have a life I want you to live it.
Waves washing overhead, And I am nothing but a grain of sand Sitting aimlessly on the ocean floor.  Drowning, Just learning how to swim.
To write about happiness is unmarked territory and I wonder what it's like over there. I wonder what it's like to be in love with being alive.   Is it like entertwining my hands
Pathetic words being flung at without dispute or fail. Vulgar words connects to people who are pussies Because they do not have anything else nice to say.
Hello! I am new to this and this is my first poem. The grammar isn't perfect and I'm not sure if this was the best way to set it out but please give me feedback on what you think :-)    
I’m tired Exhaustion runs through my bones My joints are rusted and I feel like my mother’s bed When it groans - creaks - underneath Human contact
I need someone to hold me, To wrap their arms around me and  Squeeze the sorrow away   But I know I can't have that sometimes, And that's okay; It has to be    Release me from this anger,
Activist, Conservationist, Environmentalist Veterinarian, Psychologist, Ethologist Poet, Writer, Singer Baker, Designer, Entrepreneur Mother, Daughter, Friend
I remember when I wrote my first poem. I was 8 years old. I had just processed the loss of my father. I had never before felt so alone So hurt So empty So lost.
Smoke fills my nose.The sweet scent tempting, calling me closer. But no! Stay away, your mom and your dad are finally proud of you."We're glad you didn't end up like your brother."
I can’t deny this: You make life hard for me.   Each morning when I wake up It feels as if the world is sitting on my shoulders.
Lay me at the smoking Altar of Your Vision  Grow my hair and hide my knees Devote my spirit to You Chain my soul with Heavenly Vows Tell me to wear handcuffs on one finger in gold Water me down, wash me away
i am neck deep in you and not lightly but i am stuck almost like a red traffic light that refuses to change colors
a darker shade of blue what comes to mind thinking of you and me hands intertwined     no longer.
Incandescent ripples spreading out into a halo that surrounds the reflection of something marvelous, all you have to do is glance. pennies drop and shift side to side slowly dancing to the bottom.
SeptemberOne year ago I looked at you and sa
School is back, Waves of fun, Teachers teach All day long, Test and quizes Reading test too, Oh my gosh there's so much to do, I better get started before the day is through
"I love it here,"
The horizon, So close to me Yet so far Away fro my reach   The horizon, Just like dreams Just like hopes Only a mirage   The horizon, Once reached
17 and Screaming17 and FreakingNo one warned me about this feeling.
  Warmth And Rain Of Spring Bring Joy And Wonder Around 
They say She's weird They say She's nerdy  they're probably right it's probably true    They say She's to shy That she's to forgetful  they're right again
He swore there was gold woven through the fabric of her skin, But the slightest ivory phantom slipped out of her mouth.   As soon as she understood, she inhaled. "I take it back," she breathed
If I could change one thing, I would change currency If I could change one thing, I would change the world's currency I would change the currency to something more meaningful than money
you ask me what change is and what almost comes out  is a textbook definition a merriam webster’s  abridged edition
From the day you are born you are judge You're to fat, to skinny, to smart, dumb They always tell you, "be yourself" But yet they always seem to judge you regardless So you say change, change myself
First last day of school, Second day, Senioritious, Nine more months to go...
  There's the waveand the crashThere's the runand the screamOh WhyGod Why? Silence Hold it inLet it outHold on tightLet it go It's hereIt's done Silence Looking backwish and reamLooking aheaddream and wish Forgetremember Silence
Play it as written, that's all. Just play it exactly as written, just as the composer intended. Everything is written in the score, just practice what is written, right? No, that's absurd. And reckless.
Talk like the sky                                                                                               Become your own                                                                                                        
Writing Commences Pen meets paper, magic starts Expression released
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