The Lie You Told

You said I was a Phoenix 

And my desiccated heart 

Parched in the brush of tainted love 

Grasped at the opportunity   

To be ignited slowly,  

And rise to life again 


But exposing a different type of love to me 

I went from what is this? 

To please just one more kiss 

Blinded to a point where I will  never again see above the Evergreens 


It’s Breeze, You BreatheBlink 

How quickly the scene evaporates 

And colors smudge a mixed mess of red and greens to grays   

I have never seen how quickly branched arties bleed 


How quickly … how quickly it all goes 

How ash flows when injected down into the beds  

They were virgins  

Now incinerated veins 

How could I have known you rush in and consume 

When you exposed yourself to me in the most beautiful of ways 


Light to extinguish dark 

How dark now are my surroundings 

You cloud the skies and chew the sun 

Use spirits of your victims to  

Pick rays out from your teeth 

And I succumb to the destruction 


You lie me down on death’s land 

Whisper through breathy polluted lips 

Do you enjoy being high above the canopy 

Watch how beautiful it feels,  

How burnt molasses smells 

Ask me not to leave just because the leaves are dust  

Enough to be a coal canvas masterpiece 

I couldn’t if I wanted to  

I do not recognize my surroundings 

Page Break 

Embers dance and congregate 

With them you devour my mind  

And the best of me 

Absorb flicks of flames like lizard tongues from my cheeks  

You are a holocaust of beauty 

But who let you free? 

To blacken seeds  

And leave 3rd degrees on the air you breathe 


Cremate every hope that mother could ever bring back  

Nature and nuture me back to life


These scars are visible, 

 A diabolical beautiful symbol 

Of who’ve I’ve become in your presence. 


But I want to wedge seeds of redemption  

Beneath the skin graphs of these Evergreens  

I want to grow again 

I want to show you that wild fire is nothing to fear  


But you envelop me 

Coiled back skin,  

Exposing white patches of sin 

I am ashes  

I am too far gone 

I am beyond saving  


You knew the lie you fed to me 

Would run deep  

When I felt like I could fly dying breathless on your monoxide kiss 

You knew I could not rise from this  

You knew I was never a Phoenix 




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