you ask me what change is

and what almost comes out 

is a textbook definition

a merriam webster’s 

abridged edition

“one thing instead of another”

or just for laughs

“the second lining

on the bottom of my backpack”



the word rolls in my mouth

short and sweet

a substantial part 

of everyday speech

change changes its part of speech

noun, verb, transitive


change could best be described as

something in need of being defined

some say:

a change for the better

a change of heart

a changing of channels

changed back 

to the start

if i could change one thing

and make it count

i would change words

the way we say them

the way they are spoke

cries of outrage 


for a promise of mended heart

hateful curses traded

for songs of the elated

muttered blasphemies 


into a blissful reform

and promises whispered

in the dark of night

change is changing

and so am i


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