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people always told me my body is art,  but i never thought so.  so i tried painting on it, but the paint is hard to use.  it’s too watery,
Invisible tears, Blood stained wrists, The world is painted gray, Slowly fading day by day.   Withering emotions, Broken hearts, Eyes so sunken, Lifeless from pain.  
I have a little blade box, It's hidden by my bed. It hides all the secrets,  I can't keep in my head. So if I'm feeling bad, or want to sink into the dew, I grab my little blade box,
I have a cat That is unfriendly My skin their claw mat Claws that claw a-plenty   I have a feline Looks of silvery gray
As I sit on the dusty dugout bench, I already know what it means.  The varsity coach approaches me trying his hardest to avoid eye contact but I already know what hes going to say.
Sometimes my brain is not kind to me. It started when I was twelve years old. My classmate, a year older, had marks on her ankles. Red perfect lines  
How much longer can I hold on? Hold on to this reality, The smiles that I place On my usually tiered face. Hold on to this image that you see A confident girl that is happy.
White as snow, The beautiful rose. So fragile its petal, Hiding the thorns. The thorns that it hates, For it ruins its beauty. It ruins its purity. Among the red roses She belongs not.
I want to disappear, and leave it all behind. Have all go away, Make my eyes blind. I don't want to see anything at all, I don't want to listen, or answer your calls.
A Broken Mirror, A Bleeding Fist A Silver Blade Against A Wrist, Tears Falling To Lips Unkissed, Ignore Her And She Wont Exist, She's Not The Kind You'll Come To Miss...
Stuck in life? Don't cry  Strut with pride! Hope to die?  Don't end your life End the strife! Get some time Just free your life And be happy. 
Every scar is a reason, A reason to hold, A reason to love... Let me hold you in my arms tonight, Showing you that I can see the beauty through the beast,
It hit me one night on tumblr a blog i stumbled upon with a bio that sounded a LOT like my old best friend we never fell out our friendship never ended
You cut. You slice. You mangle your arm.   You cry. You scream. And pretend it does no harm.   The words. The judgment. They replay in your mind.  
they never even noticed the redness in her eyes they never even noticed  the signs that everyday she cried they never even noticed because they never even cared
When stuff goes to hell Sometimes we just break away Away from the world.   We all have problems We all endure suffering But we just can't leave.   Find your own anchor.
Nobody had to tell her that the taste of blood was metallic.   She figured it out on her own when she slid the blade across her skin and licked at the crimson poison to try and desperately hide the slit of evidence.  
I thi
This isn't my nightmare, no! My dreams and thoughts and veins ache for you! For release. To see them all again. All over. This isnt my nightmare, no! Cover me in pretty pink lines, baby, I need you now! no! Not you... not you...
It's funny.
enough of your comfortand poetry about innocence   my scars are not an invitationfor you to kiss my wrists   and how dare you try to make me feellike my wars weren’t realdid not exist
Every man’s life ends the same is only the details of how he lived and how he died that distinguish one man from another..People fear death even more than’s strange that they fear the point of death,the pain is over..Do n
the first time i hated myself, i was 9 years old. groups of soulless children followed me around the schoolyard calling me diseased ridden, disgusting, fat... the laughed as my tears splashed on the table at which i sat 
i want you to see the scars on my skin the wounds youre responsible for i want you to witness my blood an my pain and my nights spent alone on the floor   i want you to watch as the sharp razor glides
        suddenly i am julted awake by that feeling. it strikes through me like lightning and thunders in my head and leaves a pouring storm of rain falling continuously from my storm cloud eyes.
  I feel like crap cause yea, i relapse Relapse~to fall into a former state I guess i fell back into devil's trap  I was just a  his susceptible  bait   
she went in her room and shut the door
one hit two hit
I cut to feelI cut to breatheI cut to healI cut to bleedI cut so that I don't feel numb
Words on paper Words on paper Paper that cuts Paper that wrinkles Teacher cant teach Teacher cant teach Why am I here...  
Dribble, bounce, pass. Shoot, swish, ah! Friendly pats on the back, Tick, tock, shrill! I'm breathing hard, in and out. I'm cold, I'm hot, I'm sweating.
I hold the silver over flesh and feel the sting of thorns.It seems like there was no damage.Ah, there it is.
Understand, this is not right.Listen, hear me warn you.This is not a fair fight.You will fail, win, lose.
Here I am watching the rain whip through the window The water seeps in the cracks of the thirsty hard wood floor My face is soaking wet as I stand by the window, watching you leave
When I am hurt Words flow from my mind Like blood flows from a cut My mind is raw like my skin My mind hurts like a wound Pain radiates to my heart My hand move quick Ink stains paper
her garden flourished flowers of every kind in every color imaginable she took good care of her garden kept the weeds away never let any thorns grow
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