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her garden flourished
flowers of every kind
in every color imaginable
she took good care of her garden
kept the weeds away
never let any thorns grow

her flowers were more important to her
than anything else
for years her garden was perfect
until she noticed something unusual
two dark, velvet red roses

their color was so deep
different than anything she had ever seen
she felt a strange attraction to them
a strong connection
rooted deep in her soul

they were flawless in every way
so she let them grow
she gave them water and soil
and they grew
and they grew
and they grew

they grew so fast that she could no longer control them
they kept growing
they grew until they covered the whole garden
and then they grew even more

her lovely garden
her radiant flowers
tried to shine through the thorns
but they were too weak
the thorns were too thick
too strong

her once blooming flowers
left to rot
suffocating underneath the tangled roses
she wanted to save them
but every time she tried
she was cut by the thorns

bleeding now
she sat there
left to watch
as the dark, velvet red roses kept growing
growing tangled with each other

her dark, velvet red blood
seeping into the soil
feeding the two roses
she lies on the cold hard ground
looking at what is left of her garden

her heart is filled with sorrow
filled with longing for what once was
for what she may never have again
all of the color
all of the life
sucked out of her garden
taken over by the dark, velvet red roses

all that remains now
are thorns
thorns tearing through her skin
ripping apart her dreams
and two dark, velvet red roses



just beautiful in all, I love the choice of words you used.

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