The Angel's Suicide

Invisible tears,

Blood stained wrists,

The world is painted gray,

Slowly fading day by day.


Withering emotions,

Broken hearts,

Eyes so sunken,

Lifeless from pain.


Struggles are like an iceberg,

You only see the tip,

But what is underneath,

Is hidden like a sword in it's sheath.


The marks of hardship,

Emotional and physical,

Causes cracks,

In the facade growing weaker.


Life flashing inside my mind,

Memories of an everlasting spirit,

Sorrow rippling down,

The curtains come to a close.


The clatter of a knife,

Drops of a red essence,

She has escaped her cruel reality,

Drifting off to the sensation

Of everlasting sleep.

This poem is about: 
Our world


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