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The shadow of your hand lingers on my skin, While tire tracks engrave upon the dirt. The day you left was the day I changed, The memory of you will never be the same. I wish you could see the debt you owe,
Her life becomes a mess of Red lipstick defenses Red lipstick state of mind  Look but don't see Look but don't touch
Warmth. Drowsy. Burrowing into your chest, arms around my back. And then, like a gunshot, shaking. And tears. And disassociation.
Relationships can change like gusts of wind I know not of what you were thinking then             How did you ever get me oh so pinned You were changing me again and again  
I put on my rose-colored lens The day I met him   When the “I love you’s” and “You’re my everything’s” Were clouds covering a dark storm  
When we are young, we tend to believe Everything that people tell us. We do not form a sense of understanding; We let people let us
Before, I was in love with a boy He kissed me when he wanted And reminded me how beautiful I was “Because I love you,” he would tell me
My love, you have always been fire and marble— Intense, eyes flashing, passion written across your body like a fiery Apollo.
Well, your arms are strong as tides, But you sway her like the wind You breathe me in like ocean currents,
Bam bam! One fist after the other. Pow pow! One too many hits.
It has been said that all your cells (with some exceptions) are replaced every seven years. Every seven years, you are a new person. I was thirteen years old when he would touch me.
you tell me to play to play your games i am not a player or a gamer i am a soft natured artist i like to paint and think i like to listen to indie and drink but you ask me to play the game
The moment I met you, My soul knew to stay away from you, For it knew you'd be the death of me. Of course, my heart felt what it did And I suffered the tragic consequence.
When I was five years old, I believed the fairytales; Prince Charming would come save me, and love could never fail.   I thought that every bad guy would be easy to see.
  Mat gives me flowers
I want to believe, but you ruined that for me. You don't deserve me. 
They told me it was a bad decision. I told them I saw good. They told me he'd be a bad influence. I told them it'd be the other way around. They told me he wouldn't treat me right. I told them he'd changed.
Forever and always is what you say Forever and always is what you claim
Everything just shattered, It all went completely wrong.  And no matter how hard I try, I just can't seem to move on. It just hurts to let go and nobody gets it. I'm just so damn tired,
  “You can’t, You won’t, You’re not allowed” We’d fight, I’d scream, I’m scared. You’re loud “You’ll be lonely, No one will care like I do” I’m stuck in this trap of fear but I’m lost without you
His lusting hands grip and weakly protest do I, I'm not ready, but here it comes the months endless in which I'l cry and you'll apologize, but it's not enough and I'l apologize, but you don't deserve it
I try hiding from the darkness that your memories hold, later I embrace it for it's the reason why I am strong.   I try running from the pain caused by my own shed blood,
  What is this, that falls from my face This wetness. This pain. This glory. This confusion. This worry. This scariness.
Silent tears fall streaming down my face rushing over your shoulder and breaking at you from within. You watched the pain in my eyes my voice and my body
We fight and we fuss, But in me you must trust! Because you are the one I LOVE? These are all lies a man will use to get what he wants. Very sickening thoughts! DON'T fall for the things he has bought!
She was feeling lonely lonely so alone He was horny, said he'd make her day She resisted at first, but she knew him already.
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