“You can’t, You won’t, You’re not allowed”

We’d fight, I’d scream, I’m scared. You’re loud

“You’ll be lonely, No one will care like I do”

I’m stuck in this trap of fear but I’m lost without you

“Baby, I Love You, come back here”

But why do I tremble when you’re near?


What is love to you?

“It’s your thoughts, it’s your actions, all belonging to me,

Your attention, your body, a slave you’ll be”

But I miss my friends; my grades are low…

“You won’t need these things when you grow old”

But Why?

“Isn’t it obvious? You’ll have me”

And when you’re gone?

“You wouldn’t leave.”


Sweetheart, um Honey I got to go

“Another guy to see you little whore?”

No, I just want to go home

“YOU, come here. It is you I own”

No really, I’m sorry I really need to-


STOP! Please! let go.

“Letting another man get under your shirt?

You’re useless, you skank, what is your worth?”

I just- just have to, please stop you hurt


“You’re done, You’re finished”

What do you mean?



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