Alone with her Drugs


United States
37° 46' 54.0624" N, 122° 10' 54.12" W

She was feeling lonely
lonely so alone
He was horny,
said he'd make her day
She resisted at first,
but she knew him already.

At first it was a free hit,
he put his hand on her leg.
Some more free meth,
took all her control not to beg.
But then her loneliness exploded,
Felt like he would love her more.
He made her feel better
than she ever had before

Soon they were in his bed,
she gave him head.
He wanted to fuck,
and just his luck
When he ate her out,
she became very devout.

It was way too big.
It tore up her insides
She buried her face in the pillow
As she tried not to cry.
He pulled out
and the pain lingered.
He decided to take her home,
he really didn't care.

He took her home,
didn't bring the gram he said he would.
He said he's bring it later,
when ever he could.
She called him a lot,
panicked voice mails,
he never called again.


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