Happily Never After


When I was five years old,

I believed the fairytales;

Prince Charming would come save me,

and love could never fail.


I thought that every bad guy

would be easy to see.

Who knew that handsome, friendly face

could be your enemy?


I always had looked forward

to Prom held for my school.

I'd live my dream and be a princess!

Looking back, I was a fool.


It turned out my prince charming

was a villain in disguise.

I never would've thought so

with those deep and honest eyes.


He used me as his cover,

Although a damsel in distress.

People wouldn't discover him

if his date would wear a dress.


It turns out, he didn't love me;

He loves a man instead.

I found them in a parking lot.

He broke my heart and messed with my head.


Now I struggle at showing my vulnerable side.

I can't let people in.

I have so much love to give,

but I cant be hurt again.


I keep a strong exterior.

I won't let people see

how badly I was broken.

and what he did to me.


I learned my lesson the hard way

to keep my walls up tall.

Perhaps, Rapunzel's "step mom"

was looking out for her afterall.















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