Where I'm From

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I am from bright, red berry bushes in the front yard and tan, cold tile when you walk through the front door. I am from a house full of needy pets. With two golden retrievers and two tabby cats as wild as zoo animals.
I am from Fullerton A place where railroad tracks met orange groves Where my childhood met reality I am from the city But not like, tall buildings and smog
I’m from sunlight shining, Birds singing in early afternoon. The fortress beneath sheltering pine trees, Narrow paths I’ve walked a thousand times.  
     I am from when two pairs of blue eyes met, and the woods that ran for miles. I am from the swingset that rested near them, and the willow tree that engulfed me in its branches to hide me away from my baby brother during the summer.
Where I'm From by Ryan G.   The ground is where I'm from, born out if the dust and dirt. I am from my family, and their laughter and love.
I am FromI am from Sandy and Rugger, Kose and Jeanne, Eleanor and MelbaI am from where i stand now, from birth and never leftI am from bug filled summers and ice filled winters
Where I’m From Poem   I am from games, from trading cards and computers. I am from the slide in the park,
I am from the swimming pool, From water soaked concrete and slippery blue tiles I am from a hole in the ground Lined with cement and filled to the brim with cool water I am from the stands
I am from destruction, Destroyed emotions and abandoned kids. I am from dirt soup, Long summer days Soaking in the sun, Playing in the lawns, Finding my friends.   I am from books,
I am from dinosaur vitamins from band-aids and H2O2 rinses.I am from rusted swing setsand broken plastic wiffle-ball batsthat have been tucked awayand have long sincebeen forgotten.
I’m from Monopoly From the Game of Life. I’m from Sister, Sister From the world of CatDog. Games and fun is where I’m from.   I’m from the sweet sound of summer glistening on the pool
  I’m from a family of a small town population Where there is immense love everywhere you look I’m from a family where nobody is perfect Lessons taught by mom and dad about how hard life is
Where I’m From I am from the blistering heat, from towering trees and herbaceous breeze. I am from homemade ice cream, chlorine, and sunburn,
I am from rocking chairs, from fish tanks and mixers. I an from messy but homey, and small but large. I am from red roses  whose red petals glisten under the sun as if with sweat.  
I am from a semi-okay Family At times I am Thankful At other times I want to run away from the place I call "Home" I am from K-Pop through those long, sleepless night 
The darker corner of Memphis, TN Where prostitutes take their positions among a sea Of honest workers and school kids waiting early on the MATA Just to repeat the process at 3 in the after-
I'm from the meadow I'm from the shore I'm from no place you would adore Where I come from, it shapes me But in my new life, I am free Where I'm from, everyone knows my name
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