Where I'm From


I am from dinosaur vitamins 
from band-aids and H2O2 rinses.
I am from rusted swing sets
and broken plastic wiffle-ball bats
that have been tucked away
and have long since
been forgotten.

I am from churches with tall steeples
and playgrounds with old metal slides.
From Coleman and Donna
I'm from storytelling
and Wajee Adventures.
I’m from eating elephants
one bite at a time,
and aiming for the stars
but hitting the barn door.

I'm from happy gatherings
'round the fireside long ago.
From homemade Mac and Cheese
Nanny Rolls, beans and weenies,
and the best ham I've ever eaten.
I'm from empty seats,
From tearful partings,
and a broken circle that will be complete

I'm from sleeping in big boxes
And picnics in the top of the
I'm from Albums covered in ash
Filled twice over with black, white, and yellow photos
of those now passed
but have yet to leave us at all.

I'm from broken pencils
and dried out pens.
From journals and notebooks
filled from cover to cover
in attempts to recreate
times that are now
nothing but fading memories.


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