brown eyes

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I could really get lost in those pretty brown eyes.Bright,Warm,And mischievous at timesI see how you be lookin’ at me with them eyes—Sending me messagesGot my emotions going in every direction.
She's my sunshine in the rain, quite figuratively when thinking back to that day One of the first days I realized I loved her She pranced like a child- or a reindeer I'm not sure which is cuter
  Brown eyes sing sweetly, Sounding deep and warm, like earth Song from the forests
My love For thunderclouds And rainy nights Is like my love For you   Cold and depressing.  
it feels like i’ve finally figured out how they made your eyes:   add one spoonful of honey sweeter than any words i’ve ever written;
As she contacted my eyes, her words lost their purpose and gravity, becoming dulcet echoes, gradually drowning in the mellow sea of my subconscious reality.
Some might say the color brown is boring, bland, too close to black, but if you knew, you would understand; because it’s the color of his eyes. They’re not just ‘brown’.
I am Those thick thighs and brown eyes That I hope you will love, just as I do I am  The coiled hair and curly fries and a few mountain dews I am  The one who is after the gold prize 
Out of all the features
"Too much of a good thing is bad for you" they say... But I don't really pay attention to them anyways   I stare into your eyes, Notice the nice deep brown within them. Reminding me of a time 
Screw the people who break us down so much, that we become senseless and open If that’s an opportunity, damn, love, just consider me your token Let’s strip the truth of all its beauty
He has brown eyes. It is the most common color among my kind. It is difficult to compare that color to something picturesque. And that is how brown eyes are seen: not-as-beautiful. I have hazel eyes.
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