My Brown Eyes

Out of all the features

I could use to describe who I am

I would simply tell you

"My brown eyes"


It took me a long time to learn

that my eyes weren't brown.

No they are so much more.

They are copper

against honey and sage

and when they water- they glow,

two perfect orbs the same shade

as nature after it rains

something subtle but beautiful in its every form.


My brown eyes

remind my of my childhood,

filled with coco colored teddy bears,

and mahogany wooden cribs

a constant comfort,

for someone weary to grow up.


My brown eyes

are the color of hot chocolate,

on a cold winter morning 

that makes you ache to go back to bed

and if you get me mad

you can almost see the same steam

rising from my eyes.


My brown eyes are beautiful

they are dark, rich, and decadent

sometimes they're so dark they become inky,

almost-black, full of depths you can't begin to fathom

when sunlight hits them suddenly

they are brilliant and clear,

like water in a stream,

running over driftwood and stones


My brown eyes

have been labeled as "ordinary"

but by who?

Because to me

they're extraordinary

We are not as simple

as they wanted us to be

And if asked how I would define myself

I would happily say

"My brown eyes"


This poem is about: 
Our world


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