Pretty Brown Eyes

I could really get lost in those pretty brown eyes.
And mischievous at times
I see how you be lookin’ at me with them eyes—
Sending me messages
Got my emotions going in every direction.
I can stand there looking stupid,
Just blushing
If I get caught looking too long.
I bet you know this too.


Oh, in public
I just crumble.
Brain short-circuitin’
Heart just a rumble
If I have to look at you when others are around,
I’m yelling on the inside.
I’m wonderin’
Do people see what I see in them eyes?


Baby, you can tell me anything with those eyes.
I’mma just melt.
In public,
I can barely hold your gaze,
But in private, I know
I wanna stare in them all day.


Pools of caramel
They’re like amber in the Sun
Them pretty brown eyes
Can be orbs of love,


Hold me in your arms
And let me watch the show.
Girl, them eyes be pullin’ on my strings
Let me watch ‘em as you tell me you care about me
Watch mine when I tell you the same.


Let me spend the day lost in ‘em
Tell me that you can see how much my eyes love watchin’


Pretty brown eyes


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Our world


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