Brown-Eyed Boy

He has brown eyes.

It is the most common color among my kind.

It is difficult to compare that color to something picturesque.

And that is how brown eyes are seen: not-as-beautiful.

I have hazel eyes.

But my hazel does not combine pine and lime.

Mine look like the murky waters of the ocean being a dull blue green.

But still, they are praised for being different,

Although he is much more different than me.

I have always fallen for brown eyes.

Although their color is common, their being is much more unique than the rest.

Not one is the same as the other,

As opposed to blue eyes,

Their demeanor reflects how society has treated them.

They radiate with arrogance as their crystal eyes fool all those around them.

Maybe I unconsciously search for someone with the color I don’t have,

 So that together we have all the colors.

He has brown eyes.

The most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.



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