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Making a commitment is different Trusting someone you love is tough Communicating can sometimes be rough Honesty is never enough
~ by Debi Lyn Tuesday, August 17, 2021   I love to sit with you nearby; doing so can make me cry. - Happy tears just to know you enjoy my company so.
She has arrived, she’s beautiful, scarred, humbled, and wise. Most of all this woman is alive. She walks with a hint of pride, but not too proud
I'm lost I'm lost in a sea of colors I can't seem to understand Red, Blue, Green, What diffrence does it reall make when I just feel them slowly absorbing the wavelengths that are meant to keep me sane?
“I’ll make it,” I say As I am five feet deep in a pool of my problems I am not sure of myself   I cling to the wall Breathing doesn’t come easy “You will make it,” you say  
As I wait for you, I hear the rain.I wonder if I'll ever see you again.You left months ago.
For my sweetheart, Ben Gustafson   I promise to hold you close in my arms, And always keep you away from harm When you’re feeling down, I’ll be right here
Love ambitiously flowing through my veins; All of the qualities you possess allow my heart to never rest; As relationships are always put to the test;
Being in an unhealthy relationship can affect all areas of your life. In my case, it negatively affected my grades in school, my performance on the football field, my mood which hurt my relationship with my family.
My life has been filled to the brim with manipulation masked as love, Deceit hiding behind a smiling face and seemingly kind eyes. I’ve been torn between words and actions,
That gracious meet Of whistling woos. Oh yearning quivers Filled by pursing riverruns. To question tines  Now posed by Both feather jacks. To know their times Laid surged in an infinite.
With tears in my eyes I look into yours Our eternal lives Have been suddenly cut short Though they are closed tight A new door unlatched.  
why do I stare into your eyes? not with lust not with desperation but with a new found curiosity  because i love you why do i willingly let you scribe your name into my fragile skin? not with pain
Love is a feeling Not an obligation Not a destination Not a game Love is a committment A never ending work in progress A solid ground For better or for worse
Because I love you, I think about you all the time. Because I love you, You make me try to rhyme. Because I love you, I tend to have my worries, my jealousies, my fears, my doubts,
His being. His pure existence.   His hair Dark brown, curly That flows naturally through my fingers. His eyes
False love That's all I’ll ever know Your words are like sweet poison That never comes with an antidote
We have nothing to say But we can sure sound cute My generation has got a brand new pair of boots And we're not taking em off
They all say i look just like youBut not knowing you made me who i am today I never really bothered to ask why you wouldn't stay Whyd you turn your back?Whyd you make it about you? 
Butterfly appears white flower bloom, bird sings vows are made in church
Today I saw you’re the books your favorite author wrote. I still have all those books you gave me sitting in a pile under a small blue table that you helped me build one day when my parents weren’t home.
Every morning there is a choice. Get up, or get rest. Give up, or fight. Let the trill continue to ring,
Monday I walk into the shine, Admire buds with Beauty fine, And thorns that Kiss With subtle prick, And stems That by the day Grow thick-- I smile At my rosebush pick.
My oh my it's all clear.  When one door closes it's true that another one magically appears. This new door has venues and deepness for days and skin as soft as the breeze on a beautiful May Day.
Cheerleaders are too perky, 
Friends with benefits What's the benefit When I'm falling in love And you're looking down from the cliff
Through time we will stand, together we won't fall. When the waves get rough, grasp hands, stand tall. When your world is shaken and torn at the seams, I'll hold you tight, through your nightmares and dreams.
when a fig bird goes splashing into my window
Sincerity    Can be found, you know.    Commitment    Is alive, you know.    Joy and excitement come in unity,
You're transparent as glass, but glass reflects, and I’m tired of being your panoramic affect.  
At 6am, I'm miserable. Time to get out of bed, move my behind, Clock in for $7.25 at the daily grind, Eight hours for this is fucking criminal.   At noon, I'm finally awake.
my body is liquid

Write all my wrongs. I hit my highs and I'm gone. You make it easy to stay, Grounded, and well rounded. I wish I recognized the difference Between how it felt and how it sounded.
"To change the world is to change your heart" The paradigm shifts, the brand new starts From year to year and end to end The "change that lasts" is a change that bends To patterns, forms, molds, and parts
Love is our energy Passion our vitality Understanding and compassion the vein of our existence Every time we laugh When our smiles mirror our hearts It seems that we will never face resistance
I walk into this empty hearted hall. My steps heavy, my chest hollow. My core shakes with mourning... Nobody knows I am forever stuck in tergiversation. I stand before myself, under siege with my reflection,
I'm just scared one day you'll find this too stressful. Turn back to the old you and being resentful . Nothings easy when you talking bout unifying two . Especially when it comes to everything being new.
Do I dareCommit?Do I dare act so past regret,So inexorably,Just as Alexander cut the Gordian Knot?So it was that he sealed his fate,Was victim to what he wrought.
"More" Written By: Madison P. B.   Wanting so badly Wishing for more But how can I ask that of you?   I should be happy That I get something
Caitlin I just have a few words to say Since last I saw you on the 4th of May My days were nothing but gloomy and grey All that kept me sane is the calls to you Because without them I was sad and blue
a little over a second, a minute over an hour ago, They called us, a little over day, a week over a month ago, They called us, a little over a year, decades over centuries ago, They called us the future
I’ve never been more scared in my life, Days past and time just dwells on. My dreams do not wait for me, But seem to leave me behind. I am lost in a standstill, forever wondering. I’m scared.  
You can't be scared to fall in love with anything even if you know how it ends. Because no matter what, it will end somehow and it will hurt. That is an absolute fact.
All I can think is I don’t want to go there I don’t want to go there I’ve always refused to go there Tour there Talk about there Other than the dropping of a name or two
Leather Bound with silver accents Marking its place with black satin It’s heavy with thought And strong with feelings
From the day the boy and girl met he promised her he’d love her “till she was greeted by death.” He prayed that day would never come and only thought of it with horror. And she loved him.
A dancer delicately flutters, Tiptoes, Pirouettes along the fibers in my mind, Still suspended in the limbo of REM, dreaming and lusting to put power to words. Match the brunt force and desire.
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