My Final Demise

My oh my it's all clear. 
When one door closes it's true that another one magically appears.
This new door has venues and deepness for days and skin as soft as the breeze on a beautiful May Day.
The May Day my heart sends out that drags you through me makes my blood pump. I'm alive again and after failing to meet love I'm seeing it again.
My soul jerks back and forth like the sound waves that go in to the manufacturing of your voice.
You skin light, yellow, blank if you might even call it, calls for me like a sailor calls for his beautiful sea.
The moon hits me and I feel alive.
I think of you when the moon began to arise.
I think of your thoughts your body the things I want to do to you.
But you are not calling me.
You say you want me but who can I really trust now.
Who can keep my secrets and won't fail me when the sea of honesty gets to complicated to take sobbing away from me and eliminate that sound.
I am beginning to trust you.
I want to trust you.
Please let me trust you.
You are my escape.
My reason to forget my next breakthrough.
I'm falling and failing and I'm not yet caught.
Love has not yet infected my bloodstream like a vital virus but I feel it happening soon like a flu that is inevitable to be caught.
I'm not immune to your type so please don't hurt me.
I want to have sex and let you take all of me but don't desert me. Teach me all you know so I can be perfect for you.
Make me yours and don't forget me when the roar of crowds make it in to your eyes. Don't let me fall if all we are going to end up doing is leaving without a goodbye.
Let me be able to walk in your shoes.
What's your shoe size?
Because you are becoming my weakness
But if we connect I have no worries in my eyes
So let this be my triumph
Don't leave me in the dark and compartmentalize,
Show me how to be victorious, 
Don't lead me in the direction of,
My final Demise.
-Divine Life Williams
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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