I Promise

For my sweetheart, Ben Gustafson


I promise to hold you close in my arms,

And always keep you away from harm

When you’re feeling down, I’ll be right here

To lift you back up and ease your fear

You never have to worry about me going away

I plan to be with you until my very last day

If you need my assistance, don’t ever be shy

I always want to help, and I’m always nearby.


I promise to share with you my feelings and thoughts,

My concerns and my fears, when my stomach’s in knots

But I’ll also share my affection for you

And my passions and laughter and happiness, too

I’ll try to communicate my needs thoroughly

And express my emotions effectively

When we both tell the other what we think and how we feel,

That is what makes our relationship ideal.


I promise to always be honest and sincere,

And never be sneaky, vague, or unclear

I’ll tell you when I’m worried, what I’m worried about,

So maybe, together, we can figure it out

I’ll give you my trust and won’t doubt you ever,

And if you do the same, we’ll stay hand-in-hand forever

Such trust is quite risky, and it scares me, I’ll admit

But it’s worth it for you, and for us, so I’ll commit.


But if you ever feel you need some breathing room,

Don’t hesitate to ask, I promise to give it to you

I want you to be happy, my sweetheart, you deserve to be

Even if it means you need some time away from me

So I promise to stay with you, as long as you desire

And our partnership will grow even bigger and brighter

My heart is in your hands, and all my faith is, too

But I’m not scared, I know they’re safe, because I love you.

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