#BecauseILoveYou: Love is More

My life has been filled to the brim with manipulation masked as love,

Deceit hiding behind a smiling face and seemingly kind eyes.

I’ve been torn between words and actions,

The actions of one with nothing but the best for me,

And the words of someone selfish and cold and angry.

Growing up,

It was hard to truly feel and understand the “love” being thrown in my face,

Feelings of which should be so tender and comforting

Somehow felt like a knife twisting inside my very core,

Distorting an image that should’ve been so carefree.  

It took me far too long to realize true love

Doesn’t have to be spoken for it to be real.

It can be hushed and personal

And overpowering and fierce,

And honest and understanding.

It involves work, lots of work,

But the work put in gives so much more in return.

Love is open and trustworthy,

And it should never be disrespected

Or used for personal gain.

Real love is never fleeting,

It is optimistic and always growing and changing.

It should never be taken for granted,

It should be appreciated and admired for its beauty.

Love is more than passion and fading feelings of fantasy,

Love is what is left behind when these feelings no longer remain,

It is commitment and truth and sacrifice.

Love is not a flower, for flowers are fragile.

Love is a tree,

It is the earth, the moon, the stars,

Love is everything and more.

Love can give you the world,

So long as you give just the same.


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Oh my goodness breathtaking.

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