Love is Not A Single Word Expression


Caitlin I just have a few words to say

Since last I saw you on the 4th of May

My days were nothing but gloomy and grey

All that kept me sane is the calls to you

Because without them I was sad and blue

While you were gone I didn’t know what to do

Oh I wish to tell you how much you mean to me

But no song or words expresses how I feel for thee

Because what I feel goes deeper than any sea

And it goes higher and farther than the sky

Caitlin without you around, Inside I just die

But when you’re around I believe I can I fly

Because Caitlin you are the apple of my eye

And while I lie awake at night by the light

I pray God will have you in my dreams tonight

Then I will be able to hold you in my arms tight

Now as I finish this poem to you I must away

But Caitlin I know that there’ll come a day

And I promise you Caitlin that I’ll see you again

Because Caitlin without you around I’m in pain

But with you I’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain


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