Because I love you,

I think about you all the time.

Because I love you,

You make me try to rhyme.

Because I love you,

I tend to have my worries, my jealousies, my fears, my doubts,

But because I love you,

I know that I have to, and do, trust you.

I trust you to do the things that keep you mine. I trust you to trust that I love you always, and I trust you to make your own decisions and to trust me to make mine, too.

Because jealousy gets us nowhere. It’s my issue, not yours. It’s my own self-doubt, my own insecurities, and they shouldn’t rule your life.

So let’s talk it out. Let me tell you what worries me, and tell me what worries you.

We’ll figure it out together, because that’s what partners do.

Oops, there I go with the rhymes again.

But anyways, babe, go about your life.

Go ahead and comment on her Instagram, like those selfies, and keep your phone locked tight.

If it bothers me, that’s my own problem. You’re free to do just whatever you please because

I don’t own you.

This is a partnership, a union, and we’re both equal in this deal.

We’ll have problems, of course we will. But big or small, we’ll work it out.

As long as you’re honest with me, and keep me in the loop

(If you’re gonna stay out all night, just tell me so I don’t worry

And maybe bring me some food? Nothing expensive, maybe just some chicken nuggets, if you don’t mind.)

We'll be alright.

As long as you’re up front with me and we can talk it out,

As long as I can trust you and you can trust me,

I know I can love you, and I hope you can love me, too. 

This poem is about: 
Our world


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