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To be small in a world of giants Is to be ignored of your affairs   While your soul is heated by the flame Their hair blows in the crisp morning air   As the giants tower with their heads held high
 Dear America, When I was in fifth grade, I dreamed of growing up to be president. Fifth grader me thought I could do it because I was smart and confident and amazing
Peering eyes,  Signal a hidden agenda,  Do they seek my demise?  I only want to coincide and thrive  But I'm unawarely labeled I've heard of our hardships  They sound fictional, fabeled
Haven't you heard?The minorities are still the majorityYet the majority still aren't flourishingParalyzed, trapped in poverty, jailedWhy is that, you askHaven't you heard? Did you watch the news?Another black person downNot by another young foolBu
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
Based off my understanding ,   Poetry can reveal, come through pain ,can politely hide, or it can simply amplify anything and anyone.  
america the great? america without a title america who has neglected its people time and again america who listens no to those in need but to those who pay the most
I pledge Allegiance to the flag  for the DIVIDED of AMERICA. A place your free and knowledge is key but black hoodies couldn't be more scarier.  I pledge Allegiance to the flag
Oh America, where are You heading? Are You welcoming the refugees? Although You used to, now you’re not willing To help those special people in need.   Looking at You from the Old Continent
Here we feel trapped Women, Workers, Minorities Artists
Why is it?
Maybe she likes sports Maybe he likes ballet  Maybe she's a he Maybe he's a she Maybe she likes girls Maybe he likes boys  We must be treated equal We are humans, not cookie cutter toys  
I AM BLACK. Blacks fought for freedom. I AM WOMAN. Women fought to be counted. I AM GAY. Gays fought for equality. So why am I still fighting for freedom? My freedom is confined 
I am just me. I have nothing to hide behind these two curtains of mine.  My eyes see all these fake people just barely surviving. I am judged because of my opinions, when in fact they are the truth.
God Bless America. Where suburban neighborhoods flourish and every house looks like the other, like rows of mass-produced Fords. God bless America. Where the government spends money
What is it like to be white? White, in a society whose 'minorities' population count is about to take flight   What is it like to be white?
Haiku   Freedom to express Invigorates the suppressed. Love's blind, not distressed. 
end of story you say word but you know not what mean end of story those words you say hurt an individual end of story you say that so gay never  coming to a conclusion that what you is effecting that person
What makes me tick I haven't hands or a face like a clock Just gears in my head slow and steady whir and buzz   What labels on those gears, dear
Be cautious, but not quite hesitate. Mistakes are common because the door of reality can be blinded by dreams.
I am sick sick of being told I am second rate just because I was not born as a white male sick of my beauty being defined by how close I look to a blonde blue eyed model
Change is something everyone is quite familiar with. Change can be good and also bad. People sit around waiting for change to happen instead of getting up and making the change themselves.
I was always taught to value education, But how can I value something that generalizes students of color with biased limitations And failure as the only expectation.
We're chilling on the first day of classes. Checking out the local asses and making passes. A week ago, we was in the neighborhood, being a hood rat was all we understood.   Sneaking 40 proof to my internship
The dark colored eyes that hides inside holding the mold to every fiber that was once a destructive storm through the night. How do we transverse, move, breathe, converse?
I'm tired of these fucking stereotypes dictating how I feel and act I shouldn't like English I should be petite and quiet I should study, study, study Well I fucking done finito, over it
In 2008  a black man was voted President Precedent for young Kings and Queens who always thought because we didnt have the means--it was impossible little did we know that while our robes and crowns 
I once had a spirit, That would cry, Livid. A soundless screamer, A sleepless dreamer. A cowardly warrior, A body-less barrier. A sharp taste of rum, A native tongue. When the soul spoke,
Who are we, Nothing but the minorities. All you give us is blame for all the wrong you see. You say we take your jobs, You say we kill your children, You say we are a disgrace to this country.
Who’d know the color of my skin presents so much ambiguity in society? A different angle in the light of the city What am I today? For the historic family trees of America remain hallow at my name.
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