Here we feel trapped
Women, Workers, Minorities

She cannot walk down the street feeling safe
Her femininity draws those in who want to exploit it
Use her
Lie to her
She is told to look a certain way,
act a certain way
She is taught to be small,
let the men make the decisions, dear
But she can work...
The work is just as diminishing
We work for a lifestyle
But we don't have time to live
Work breaks us down
And we can't quit
Without work how will we live
How will we survive in a place like this,
controlled by wealth and capital...
Those who are underrepresented
Those who are different
This place makes it even harder for them
The color of their skin,
where the come from,
what they believe
This place thinks they deserve less,
less than the men of majority...

Trapped by femininity
Trapped by work
Trapped by difference
Can the artist break free?
Make these voices heard above all the noise?
Is Freedom on the other side of Creation?

This poem is about: 
My country
Our world


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