The Discriminators Agenda

Peering eyes, 

Signal a hidden agenda, 

Do they seek my demise? 

I only want to coincide and thrive

 But I'm unawarely labeled

I've heard of our hardships 

They sound fictional, fabeled

But i don't see what they do

I don't feel what they do

I don't believe what they do 

I don't hate them for what they do,

To me, 

To us

To outsiders



Criminals are we

I look in the mirror and ask myself 

"Is it me?

'Do  have no one to blame but myself?

Am I supposed to hide 

Do i belong hidden from the public?

I only want to coincide and thrive

One of a kind and side by side

Success for one and all and to be able to walk side by side.

I never asked to be a statistic 

But i was labeled as ust another

I seek indiscrimination 

We all live under one nation 

So why does there exist a hidden notion?

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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