I am sick

sick of being told I am second rate just because I was not born as a white male

sick of my beauty being defined by how close I look to a blonde blue eyed model

sick of being called an oreo because apparently being articulate equates to talking white

sick of being called slut because my skirt is too short

sick of being told that I dont respect myself because of risque pictures that I post online

sick of being told I provoked him when a male touches me innapropiately

fuck you homophobic assholes who think they have the right to restrict how my friends live their lives

I am sick of insults like:

that haircut makes her look like a lesbian

why the fuck is it so insulting to look like a lesbian

I am sick of being told that I am intelligent....for a black girl

sick of people staring at me in disgust just because I'm holding hands with my white boyfriend

sick of being afraid to wear my hair natural because my white peers will laugh at me

sick of being told Im trying to look white when I straighten my hair like my white friends

sick of society automatically assuming I live in the lower class

sick of society assuming that my father is not a part of my life

I am not a god damn statistic

I am an individual human being

I am sick of being poked and prodded by societys pressures and ignorance

I am sick of being attacked for just being who I am

I am sick of the world being so damn close minded

we give our children vaccinations to prevent them from getting the flu

what vaccination am I supposed to give to my future children to grow up in this world

because I am so sick

but hopefully one day they wont be


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

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