Mon, 06/10/2019 - 03:02 -- sj81630

 Dear America,

When I was in fifth grade, I dreamed of growing up to be president.

Fifth grader me thought I could do it because I was smart and confident and amazing

But present day me knows that I am female

And muslim

And not straight

And anxious

So it will be a little harder

But I don’t need your validation

I don’t need your validation

And yet when I saw that over 100 women were elected to congress, I felt like I may one day be accepted as a leader regardless of my gender

I don’t need your validation

And yet, when I saw that michigan elected Rashida Tlaib, I knew one day I may not automatically be out of the running because of my religion

When I saw that arizona elected Kyrsten Sinema and colorado elected jared polis, I realized heterosexuality may not be a prerequisite to be an elected official.

I don’t need your validation, and yet I cried tears of joy, because one day, my fifth grade dreams may come true


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