The Messiah

Messiahs are not found in cathedrals or palaces,

Not found in big houses,

They are not conservatives,

Messiahs are the underdogs,

Hanging out with a rat-tag group of thugs ,

Use to play with guns,

Till they got locked up.

Messiahs were the ones who did the hustle,

Tryna get food for their mothers,

Their fathers left them, and now their mothers got murdered.

Messiahs are the ones living in misery,

Get angry and murder everybody,

Get locked in the penitentiary ,

And it seems like they're going to Hell for eternity.

But at that very moment,

God shines his light his light and the Messiah’s mind get open,

To all the oppression and Tyranny that his people be facing,

And now he knows what’s happening,

Knows what’s going on in the government,

And the Messiah will do anything to Change it.

So when the Messiah gets back on the block he’ll challenge the status quo,

Asking the government why is we still poor,

His hustle is stronger,

Red, Brown, and Black help paint the future,

He’ll be labeled a radical.

He’ll give food to everyone,

While wearing rags cause he accepts money from no one,

He’s God’s chosen one,

But still he’ll be left out of Church,

He’ll tell everyone.

“Not to conform to the man,

Understand that they want you dead.”

He’ll go to every Mosque, every church service,

Every Time Congress meeted,

And ask why wasn’t GOD invited.

He’ll heal with his hands, survive for the longest,

Telling the poorest, people to rise up,

And accept nothing but the truth.

But when they hang him on the crucifix of ignorance,

On that cross,

God will raise him up,

and say…



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