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Dear Arabella,
Seeing my mother struggle,   as a child, there was a lot I had to juggle.   I saw her work day and night,   so many restless nights.  
Dreams and aspirations Constant meditation My future is my inspiration  I say this with no hesitation  
Star stricken goals sink defeat... As one hopes to climb As one hopes to fly Just as I hope to flee from what is beneath Lost in the abyss Lost in the void Just as I hope to flee from what is beneath
Smiles are easy when you can create your own world A young child  dreaming….imagining when the world was still what you made it  how you dreamt it A young girl ready to take on the world
The power of poetry
Practice what you preach ,keep your peace  Forgive and forget don't hold on to regret  Fight for what is right but dont fall asleep angry tonight 
Life is meticulous. it lingers on, trapped in between the cracks  of "destiny", and "maybe".  and everything is shady or burning in the blaze of  ray beams ...  and right now its flaming. 
God I am frustratedNothing is as it shouldWonderful thoughts of flightBroken calls of worry
She gets up."The world is brigher at night,"she would remark with a laugh,but it meant more than whather smile hid.
Something about this room Holds a ghost of you In the dark it makes me cringe Causing me to check shadows When you dwelled here Your words where nine-tail whips Every vowel cracked mid swing
 In life, 
God will give you time To reflect and find your thoughts, So don't worry. He has your back And guards it well.   God will give you strength
"OMG you too Ms. Imani?You see I... I thought I was the only"Thats what this young girl said to meas she glared at meno longer feeling lonely.
The power to change the world is not a fantasy. The power to change the world is not a dream you wake up from.
 Sometimes....Sometimes it feels like I'm all alone. Alone on a earth, filled with beings that have no human soul I feel like I'm alone with no being to relate to. I know its not true
Spoken words that are known by many understand by little is called poetry what it means to me is lyrics running through my head words that ever one has but can't understand them  emotion is a form of expressing one's self
I write to show the beauty in freeing your soul by using words. I write to create the security of those who just want to speak up and discourse as freely as the birds.
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