Are You Ready To Take On The World?

Smiles are easy when you can create your own world

A young child 


when the world was still what you made it 

how you dreamt it

A young girl ready to take on the world

a natural borne leader 

She feared nothing

she knew nothing


Innocence is a defense.

It is the shield that protects you from what is true.

A young teenager,

making sense of what is true.

Realizing the motives of people,

Losing herself in a world of personality.

Confused with what it means to take the path less traveled by.

Did walking alone mean that she was lonely?

Did a small circle mean that she was unapproachable?

Thoughts and expectations fluttered through her mind,

A swarm of butterflies turned to bees.


Yet, through the loss she found herself,

A young woman,

Understanding her purpose.

Stepping away from the crowd and looking within.

Breaking chains and boundaries.

No longer consumed with outside fears.

Completely focused and free to explore.

Innocence turned to weakness turned to strength.

She is now ready. 


To take on the world.


This poem is about: 
Our world


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